daisyworld web design
I will provide you with a great looking html/css website that is easy to navigate, unique and specifically hand-crafted to suit your needs. After all, your website is the window the world looks through to see what you do – your business, freelance services, non–profit organization or any personal or group endeavour, and as an artist myself I understand the needs of the online artwork portfolio and the necessity of the artwork to dictate the visuality of the website.
I can write the copy and design the logos for your site, create one or more domain–based email addresses as well as matching business cards.
High quality web design, though, is more than front end design. A website's structure, information architecture, usability and navigation logic are central to functional and appealing websites.
In order to create a successful website, a designer needs to consider a website's audience, industry, function and goals to ensure a design fit for purpose. My skill set includes the necessary web design disciplines: graphic design, user interface planning, coding and an acute attention to detail.
Email me with your requirements or any queries – it might cost less than you think.
From Daisyworld, Wilna Panagos
Pretoria, South Africa
"Aestheticism is a search after the signs of the beautiful. It is the science of the beautiful through which men seek the correlation of the arts. It is, to speak more exactly, the search after the secret of life."
Oscar Wilde
"Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all ... good design must primarily serve people."
Thomas J. Watson
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